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ReFinished and Absolutely Fabulous

Proof that 2020 did have silver linings, furniture artist, Heidi Palmieri (my aunt!) started her furniture restoration business, Farm Witch Restoration at the beginning of the pandemic. Starting with some pieces that were in her home, Heidi has now expanded Farm Witch Restoration over the past 10 months to an Etsy shop and even does a lot of custom work for clients looking for the perfect pieces for their homes. Her work is both unique, fun and elegant all at the same time, keeping customers coming back for more. She has even refinished THREE bedroom sets for one of her client's homes already! Pieces by Farm Witch Restoration can be found across the United States, from Washington state to Staten Island, and she's just getting started! Heidi's work reassures us that what's old can always be made new (sometimes a more personal reminder that we could all use here and there, no?).



Featuring Heidi Palmieri of Farm Witch Restorations

What's your craft?

I am A furniture artist

How did you get your start?

I started Refinishing furniture during the beginning of the pandemic!

What has been the largest obstacle you've encountered so far?

The largest obstacle I have Had to overcome is getting over my insecurities. I was so afraid to show my work in the beginning! But now I realize My furniture isn’t for everyone and beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!

What has been the 'best day ever' for you and your business so far?

My best day was when I figured out that I had to know my worth and start Pricing my furniture accordingly. I sold A dresser in my Etsy shop that before that day I would have thought was too much but it sold within 2 days!

What types of marketing have been key to your success?

I have An Etsy shop and I have To say that the Etsy ads bring in a lot of traffic to my shop. I also rely a lot on Instagram! I actually have gotten custom jobs from my Etsy shop. And of course word of mouth is THE BEST advertising!

Any words of wisdom to leave us with?

My advice for small businesses is to never give up! I have had days where I thought “I must be crazy to keep going” but believe me all the hard work and perseverance pays off. Believe in yourself!

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