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Gorgeous gifts with the most personal touches

Amy and Amanda of Island and Ivory have mastered the art of gift giving and are here to help you do the same. By the look of the bespoke gift boxes the dynamic duo puts together, you may think you'd be priced out of town, but not to worry! These stunning boxes, often engraved with personal messages and logos, filled with unique gifts that speak from the heart can be afforded at any price point. From weddings and babies, to birthdays and moments of encouragement, Island and Ivory has built a business that is there to support and celebrate with you throughout all of life's moments. Amy and Amanda speak about Island and Ivory growing from a labor of love, and here at gpalcreative, we can attest to that first hand. Working with Amy and Amanda, I was able to send show-stopping packages to friends and loved ones. The team was there to assist me every step of the way and made sure that the gifts were perfectly curated to the personalities and celebrations of each recipient. Island and Ivory delivers customer service beyond all expectations. 'Tis the season of giving, and we assure you that nothing will impress your friends and family more than a curated gift box from Island and Ivory.



Featuring Amy & Amanda, owners of Island and Ivory

What's your craft?

We design custom and curated gift boxes filled with personalized items for the most thoughtful gift giving experience at any price point.

How did you get your start?

As former coworkers, we had already bonded over recipes, hard work ethic, creative expression and passion for giving a “really good gift.” We both had enthusiastically agreed a gift is given to send a feeling- to celebrate, inspire, comfort or appreciate and it’s the attention to detail that makes a gift memorable. Over many, many lunches we took the leap and Island and Ivory was born! Our business has grown and evolved with every box we‘ve created, it’s the true definition of a labor of love.

What has been the largest obstacle you've encountered so far?

Like so many others, the pandemic this year has been our greatest obstacle. Revising workflow processes to ensure the safety of our clients, allowing extra lead time for delayed inventory, navigating remote learning and raising small children in both of our families has us problem solving more often than ever. (Potty training through a toilet paper shortage was not an experience either one of us had anticipated!) Through it all, we are so grateful and know it has been beneficial for each of our children to see the satisfaction and dedication it takes to run a small business . It’s important that they connect the dots that determination, organization and hard work are necessary to succeed in all facets of life. As they get older, we hope they pursue something they are just as passionate about and refer back to these experiences.

What has been the 'best day ever' for you and your business so far?

It’s so hard to pick one as we truly get as excited to gift design with our next door neighbors as much as the fortune 500 companies we’ve worked with. We’re fortunate to have had many “pinch us” moments like our first big order and first local festival where we were able to interact with our clients in person and meet other creatives.

What types of marketing have been key to your success?

Social media and word of mouth have been our main sources of marketing. We do the “small business happy dance” every time someone loves their gift so much, they want to design a gift for someone else too! Occasionally, we get a chance to see an unboxing through various social media channels and witness their reactions, feedback and gratitude. It’s provided insight that has helped us develop our company, troubleshoot, redirect and grow our gifting experience. We are constantly wowed by the amount of thought our client’s put into their gifts and our goal is always to turn their ideas into reality. We take great pride in our work and love when people recommend us for our quality.

Who inspires you?

Inspiration comes from all around. We’re inspired by nature as our gifts always include a sprig of eucalyptus or pinecones. The whole package will smell wonderful as soon as it’s opened, starting the gift experience. We love incorporating a bit of nostalgia too, whether it be with framed childhood photos or engraved handwriting from a loved one.

The amount of talent in our local Long Island maker’s community never fails to impress us too. We’re always looking to discover new favorites and opportunities to use them in our gift boxes. We’re firm believers of collaboration over competition and that there is enough sun for every flower to bloom.

Any words of wisdom to leave us with?

The best advice we can give to others is to surround yourself with people that make you want to be better and do better. Embrace challenges, spread kindness and that women can do anything!

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