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When it comes to the competitive space of social networks, we can all agree that new features and trends are what keeps us interested. With the launch of TikTok in 2016, interactive videos have taken over the industry as they allow users a sneak peek into your brand/lifestyle.

Consumers are eager to engage with content that specifically relates and connects with them. Most of the time, that is showing the face behind your brand and giving your social accounts a more personal feel. To compete with TikTok, Instagram first debuted Reels in 2019, and I think it's safe to say we all didn’t know how to feel at first. Reels have now dominated the Instagram feed as they are providing brands with an opportunity to demonstrate who they are in a fun, entertaining way.

Here are the Top 4 ways you can tackle the “reel” world on Instagram.

1. Showcase your Personality

Authenticity is key when it comes to showcasing your personality through Instagram. Users want to know that there's more to your brand’s presence than just words on a screen. Giving your followers a small dive into what happens behind the camera, lets them know a little more about who you are personally.

Here's a breakdown of what we’ve seen perform well from brands using Instagram Reels:
  • Product Tutorials

  • Q&A

  • Day in the Life

  • Meet the Team

By showcasing your brand in an interactive way, you’re building trust and a stronger connection with your consumers. Social media culture is inevitably becoming more powerful and your business will only benefit more by showing what you bring to the table!

2. Use Trending Audios

As I said in the beginning, new features and trends are what keeps us interested. This especially applies when it comes to the audios/sounds you choose for your reels. When a song or sound is trending on Instagram, it usually means that the video is gaining more traction and popularity on the app. You can find out if a song is trending by the white arrow that Instagram puts next to the audio title at the bottom left corner. Users will normally use that audio so their videos can increase their likelihood of getting on the explore page and reaching a wider audience. Most audios are highly popular on TikTok first, and make its way over to Instagram just a few days later. That's the window to know how to be early on these trends and establish more brand awareness! Don’t worry, we know you can do it!

3. Create Reel Covers

When users click on your Instagram, the first thing they will notice is the consistency with your content. Visual appearance has a huge impact on how your audience will view your brand as a whole. This is especially why it’s important to create Reel Covers to match your brand's overall aesthetic vibe. This also helps your followers know what they can expect in each reel and be aware of consistent brand awareness. Don’t worry about needing anything fancy - this can be done right through Canva! We found an article that will help you get started in creating your own Instagram Reel Covers!

4. Post When your Followers are Most Active

Taking advantage of Instagram’s algorithm and posting when your followers are most active is what will help you gain the most views and interactions with your reels. However, we should be asking ourselves two questions: when are most of my followers online & when does my brand best fit into my followers' days? Instagram has even made this easy for us to figure out! By viewing the analytics section on each post, you will be able to determine when the best time to post on Instagram is.

To do this:
  • Go to your main menu and click on “Insights”

  • Click on “Total Followers”

  • Scroll down to the bottom to see which times are the most effective

While the data only shows the last 7 days of activity, you are the one who knows your target audience the best. Use this information to your advantage and post when you know your followers are online! We found an article that is beneficial for determining the best time to post during the week!

Ultimately when it comes to Instagram Reels, being true to yourself and showing what your brand is all about is all you can aspire to do. Your followers' main goal is to know more about you and try to find ways to relate to your brand’s values. Creating fun, interactive Reels that show a new, versatile perspective to your company is just one step closer to setting up the future of your online presence.


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