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As a marketing professional, it’s important to recognize that what’s in and out of style is constantly changing. In order to generate successful business for yourself or your clients through social media or general marketing tactics, you need to keep up.

The world of marketing is ever-changing, but with a good foundation and the ability to adapt, your business can thrive under the 2023 trends and the years to come.


Recognizable + Clean Branding

Whether you’re a restaurant, a florist or a clothing store, your branding needs to represent your business and your services on all platforms.

Your branding needs to be consistent and easy to match up across all of your designed materials, your social media presence and your in person operations so that your customers can easily identify who you are.

Particularly in recent years, customers are drawn to “aesthetic” branding - clean lines, cohesive color palettes, attractive fonts and legible text that explain clearly and nicely what you are offering.

For example, a major company that has recently established its presence with clear and simple branding is Peach + Lily.

The brand emphasizes clean, transformative products for sensitive skin - which is clear through their branding. The warm color scheme and delicate fonts reflect the intentions of their products and target audience.


High Quality Content

In 2022, we saw a heavy push by Instagram for content makers to utilize reels. This was worked around by many creators by turning photos into videos or simply adding music behind photos. Because of this, Instagram is moving away from strongly pushing reels.

It is anticipated that Instagram will be favoring shorter videos (less than 15 seconds) in the coming months. Short form videos take less bandwidth to create, and receive higher reach and impressions, as the average social media user is more likely to watch through a short video than a long, highly produced video.

Short video content takes less bandwidth to create and view, and is more likely to be shared with other users.

Because Instagram is no longer pushing reels, but rather incorporating them as regular content, it’s increasingly important in 2023 to have high quality photo content. With less of a focus on graphics and heavily edited imagery, good photography is going to be necessary to keep your audience engaged.

Lastly, any longer videos created should be heavily focused on user generated content. Specifically for products, user reviews are incredibly important to a potential customer. In fact, potential customers are 2.4x more likely to trust user generated content than that created by brands themselves.

For our clients Jax Inn Diner and Remedy Diner, we focus on high quality imagery content for their social media.

As restaurants, the food and atmosphere is the most important part of their presentation - which we made sure to convey across their social media.

The goal is to drive customers to their location, through irresistible food!


Improved User Experiences

Lastly, a major trend in 2023 is going to be improved user experiences across all platforms. Customers and clients expect a seamless flow of information and content, as well as the ability to have information on your brand at their fingertips.

Audiences should be able to connect all of your platforms from each one individually - for example, if someone is on your Instagram, they should be able to easily find your website, contact information or other socials. This strategy puts you in a better position to retain your audience and keep them engaged.

Along the lines of improved experience, mobile optimization is becoming increasingly important this year. With more people on the go, mobile viewership is only going up. Your marketing strategy needs to align with this. Websites, social content and marketing materials should convey the same strong messaging across desktop, tablet and mobile.

For example, our website - - is optimized for mobile and desktop, and is therefore able to display the same cohesive message, across both devices.

The world of marketing is constantly changing, and it's important to stay up to date in order to maintain relevance and obtain the best results for your or your client's business.

By checking in on trends, and adjusting your marketing strategy to follow suit, you will soon see immense growth in the success of your business.


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